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Kenyan pastor Wilfred Lai blasts protestants for observing Sunday as the Sabbath day

Exodus 20:8-10 states: “Observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy. You have six days in which to do your work. But the seventh day is a day of rest dedicated to me. On that day, no one is to work neither you, your children, your slaves, your animals, nor the foreigners who love in your country.” God commanded that the seventh day be observed as Sabbath. A glance at almost every dictionary or calender shows that Saturday is the seventh day of the week while Sunday is the first day of the week.

However, many christians except Seventh Day Adventist faithfuls, observe Sunday as the primary day of rest and worship. The change from Saturday to Sunday was made long after the writing of the New Testament.

In a viral video circulating on the internet, Kenyan cleric, Wilfred Lai of the Jesus Celebration Center (JCC) blasts his followers for observing Sunday instead of Saturday as the Sabbath day. According to Lai, the idea of worshipping on Sunday instead of Saturday is what has “weakened the church”.

“I am not a prophet of doom, I’m a prophet of God. This thing about Sunday is what has weakened the church . Sunday worship is the greatest witchcraft of the church. Never was it started by God,” he said.

Lai, who is a protestant and who worships on Sunday acknowledged the fact that many of his followers would be irritated by his message but it wouldn’t stop him from telling the truth.


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