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“I do not look like Scooby doo”-comedienne Anne Kansiime’s boyfriend blasts trolls for saying he looks like “Scooby doo”

With all the glamour and fame that comes with having a celebrity spouse, being married to a celebrity has its own disadvantages , especially if you are not a celebrity (or popular) like him or her.

The feeling of insecurity generally characterize such relationships, especially if there is a lack of support and understanding from your partner.

It gets worse when fans of your partner do not like you. You will be constantly scrutinized and trolled online. It i has gotten to a stage where fans think they have a say on who their favourite celebrities should be in a relationship in or not.

Ugandan actress and comedienne Anne Kansiime’s boyfriend, Skylanta did not see this coming when he fell in love with the actress. He is constantly being trolled online by the actress’ fans over his looks. Some fans believe he looks like “Scooby Doo”- the eponymous character and protagonist of the animated television franchise ‘Scooby doo’.

The Ugandan reggae star in a lengthy post reavealed that insults from trolls do not bother him like they use to. According to him, the fact that people about him means that he is bigger than them. He wrote;

“I have seen many people troll me on Facebook saying I look like Scooby doo( that actually caught me off guard), saying am way too small ( I don’t have the size of a real man) whatever that means!!!! And many other random insults from a few rotten apples (just like how my teacher Nyeko Makmot used to refer to heeiiraazz).

“At first it used to bother me and then I saw that video where Frank Gashumba was saying that “the mere fact that you are discussing sheilla means that she is bigger than you”

“Most of these people that preach negativity are coiled up in their 1 room apartment(English for muzigo) Chewing on a Rolex from last night (Been there, done that) wishing they were in this small man’s shoes. I am a Christian and I will follow the words of our Lord Jesus Christ “Forgive them father they know not what they do” But also I think this ka hot mama has everything to do with my peace of mind!!!”


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